Shape Workshop - Read Me First

This page provides important information about Shape Workshop: troubleshooting, best practices and known bugs. Please read the whole page before using Shape Workshop.

Trouble Shooting:

  • It just doesn't work: Shape Workshop uses a new Java GUI framework called JavaFX. For this to work you need to have the latest version of Java. I highly recommend upgrading to Java version 7 which can be downloaded here. If you've using anything before Java 6 or an old version of Java 6 the app just won't start.
  • I've installed Shape Workshop on my PC but I can't find how to start it: The installer creates an entry in the start menu under the "Shape Workshop" group. You can create a shortcut manually by navigating to "C:/Program Files/Deluge/Shape Workshop/Shape Workshop.exe" right clicking the exe file and choose "Create Shortcut" then drag the short cut to the desktop.
  • Retina display doesn't work: Shape Workshop currently doesn't support iOS devices which use retina displays. You would need to design your game for a non-retina device then add retina sprites to Cocos2D afterwards. If anyone has a good idea of how Shape Workshop could be modified to support retina displays let me know by writing a comment in the suggestions section of the forum. This is a high priority for me so suggestions would be welcome!
  • File corrupted error on Mountain Lion: This error is caused by the new Gate Keeper function on Mountain Lion. To run Shape Workshop change the following setting: System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General -> Allow applications downloaded from: Anywhere

Best Practices:

Here are a list of tips to help you use Shape Workshop and avoid some of the pitfalls I've found.

  • Element Naming: It's best practice to give each element a unique and descriptive name. This will help you keep your project organised and avoid problems if you want to access an element by name from your code.
  • Simulation setup: The internal simulation of the beta version of Shape Workshop is configured to use: Velocity Iterations: 5, Position Iterations: 5. This should be changed in the Simulation menu to: Velocity Iterations: 8, Position Iterations: 1.
  • SVG file taking ages to load: Some SVG editors add an external link to an SVG specification in the head of the svg file. This link isn't needed and means that the application tries to download the specification from the internet. Sometimes this can take 3-4 minutes. If this is happening for you, you need to delete the line:
    1. <!DOCTYPE svg PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD SVG 1.1//EN" ...

    from your svg file before importing.

  • SVG Files: The SVG specification is complex and Shape Workshop doesn't support everything. If you're planning to use SVG please read the SVG Limitations page for more details.
  • Dirty PNG Files: Shape Workshop traces PNG files by finding a ring of transparency around the outside of the image. This only works if there is an unbroken ring of transparency around a contiguous block of colour. If you have specks or artifacts outside of your main image the trace may well fail.

Known Bugs:

Shape Workshop is currently undergoing Beta testing which means that it contains known bugs. These bugs will be fixed in the final version.

  • Project saved on the Mac isn't correctly loaded on the PC: If the project is saved on the Mac then opened on the PC sprites aren't displayed. For the present you have to use either Mac or PC.
  • SVG Rectangles: On Illustrator if a rectangle is created at the origin Illustrator doesn't bother adding x and y positions for the rectangle in the SVG file. This causes an SVG import to fail. In this case you would need to manually add x and y tags to the SVG file before import to make sure that the rectangle was offset from the origin.
  • Image Packing Size Limit: In Beta 2 the size limit for packed images is 1024x1024 pixels. This isn't enough for big levels or levels with backgrounds. Currently I advise that you don't add the backgrounds to your level and add them separately in XCode. Alternatively export your sprites individually.
  • Show Level Bounds: This is rendered behind the scene objects when it should be in front.
  • Beta 3:

  • About page: the about box says that the version is Beta 2 when in fact it is Beta 3

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